Presented by Errol Morris and starring Brian Posehn, Uncle Nick is a comedy of inappropriate behavior, uncomfortably interrupted trysts, and a monumental over-serving of ten-cent beers.


"There's this whole gross genre of film narrative, about forty-year-old men lusting after teenage girls.
Think Ghost World and American Beauty.
But Uncle Nick, directed by Chris Kasick, exaggerates the genre's details to emphasize its grossness. Posehn, flaunting his insulin-resistant physique and middle-aged dong, is the perfect counterpoint to American Beauty, providing a way more accurate portrayal of midlife creepiness."
-Village Voice

"One of the most fun cult Christmas movies made."
-Nerd Reactor

"Jaw-droppingly funny, made me howl in laughter."
- Ain't it Cool News

"Cinematic eggnog of the very spiked variety."
- The Hollywood Reporter

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